A Maze Race II

Game description
A Maze Race II

Could the particular power-ups be your support alongside the way in which! On this sport you’ll be racing towards the pc in randomly generated mazes, and your purpose is to succeed in the yellow meals earlier than the pc does. At every stage of the sport you’ll management a purple ladybug, whereas the pc might be represented by a inexperienced bug. Use the 4 arrow keys in your keyboard to maneuver the bug, and you may choose up the particular objects within the maze and use them to your benefit. The powers of the objects are as follows: the purple wing will enhance the shifting velocity of your ladybug, the inexperienced tortoise will decelerate your opponent, the blue arrow will present the proper route to succeed in the meals, and the yellow hammer will allow you to break part of the wall by urgent the Spacebar in your keyboard. As you advance within the sport, the pc will transfer at a quicker tempo, and if it takes the meals earlier than you do, the sport ends. Make the most of the power-ups properly and assist your ladybug to succeed in the goal!


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