Friv games

KOGAMA: Ghost House

1. My shopper gave me the obligation of putting an end to the haunted residence of an isolated island. 2. A helicopter launched me and my automotive to this island. three. I drove alongside the freeway until I arrived on the house. 4. I parked my automotive subsequent to the storage. Contained within the storage, I found the necessary challenge that opened the closed door of the house, merely as my shopper said. 5. I found a map the place a spot was marked, three notes from a failed detective who gave me particulars relating to the case, and a closed chest. 6. I adopted the marking of the map. The map took me to a cave. 7. On this cave, I wanted to cross 4 ranges that convey me to 4 chains. eight. I decrease these chains, so that the blocks fell down and opened one of many easiest methods through which to the necessary challenge. 9. With the necessary challenge I’m going to open the chest inside the house. There was a shovel and one completely completely different map. 10. On the similar time the ghost lady appeared behind me. I merely observed her as quickly as additional, then she turned to me. She had no face and disappeared into flames. 11. By way of her disappear and the textual content material materials supplies of the failed detective, I knew what to do. I must burn her stays. 12. I appeared on the map. The map marks the simplest of the mountain. 13. Nevertheless first I took the shovel from the chest and dug the grave. 14. I took the ax out of the storage with which I decrease a tree. 15. And with the picket I constructed a ramp, so I’m going to leap with the automotive to the mountain. 16. I took the map out of the chest and jumped with the automotive to the mountain. 17. After I climbed the mountain, I obtained the merchandise that ought to interrupt the curse of the ghost lady. 18. I put the merchandise into the grave. It started to burn. 19. On the similar time the ghost lady appeared with no face. She bought correct proper right here nearer with a nasty smile. And even nearer. She slowly dissolved as I burnt her stays. When she had almost fully disappeared I might even see her face after which she smiled. I truly actually really feel she bought correct proper right here to herself and was glad I saved her. 20. The helicopter bought correct proper right here to resolve on me up. I climbed the rope and we flew as quickly as additional to KoGaMa. The case is closed.

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